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The Judge sledge was oringally built in 1985 by Paul Haylock of Cambridgeshire but was sold to Ken Richardson a few years later and was the second choice sledge until 1993 when the Chapman family retired their mini sledge. The newly purchased sledge became known as the 'Undertaker ' and was to be used as the main sledge for the newly formed PPA undergoing many changes. The Judge sledged is now owned by Geoff Brown who burns much midnight oil to keep the sledge to its current ETPC (European Tractor Pulling Committee) grading of BRONZE ticket. The sledge is jointly operated by Geoff Brown and Dave Stimpson.

The Sledge weighs around four tonne and has the stopping force of over thirteen tonne to allow the supercharged A class Mini Modifieds to hook on the front. The sledge also is fitted with a diesel land rover engine to allow the operator to drive the sledge to and from the track as well as back to the start line after each pull.