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Euro cup Champion in 2009. Currently fitted with 527 V8 BBC + SSI 14-71 Blower. Can be sold with 540 V8 BBC 8-71 Littlefield Hi-Helix Blower or as a rolling chassis.

Would also just sell either motors.


Email - Tom Beattie

Facebook - BWA Racing

A Class Mini Puller - LITTLE DAN

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Mini Puller - Pure Dynamite

Chassis frame. New selfmade wedge style Chrome steel

ROP: steel

Rear end: DANA 60 with Wysong Differential

Brakes: WILWOOD brake system

Gear box: New Series SCS 20 with Reverser

Clutch: BROWELL steel bellhousing with 3 Disc 8“Mini CROWER clutch with flywheel and starter gear

Engine: 552 cu.in. DOVE Ford 460 Block (Ex- MPM Seaside Affair engine, details see pictures), new pistons rings. details see picture attached.

Crower crank, Cobra Jet Heads Blower: 8-71 LITTLEFIELD Hi Helix, ex-MPM Seaside Affair

Ignition: MALLORY Super Mag IV

Extra: 8 pieces spare part rods, 50ltr motor oil, and further spare parts, like engine bearings

Tires: Firestone 18.4 x 16.1 on aluminum wheels ,  

The Puller has been inspected by the ETPC at the EC 2013, Price: € 11,500.00, plus transport, no warranty. An extra new set of new, newer used Firestone tires, cutted by Steen Dam, DK can be purchased for extra € 600.00  >>>> Contact: rehbachr@googlemail.com